Rebuilding Arcadia Kindle Book

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This is the first book in the Arcadia series. You’ll need a copy to successfully complete the Arcadia E-learning modules and chapter study questions on our blog.

Book Summary:
(Book One)
Epidemics, racism and religious wars plagued the 21st century. It had to end somewhere. We strove to recreate paradise. We segregated the population into cultural groups, to minimize conflict. We closed the borders. We created an elite class that would maintain order and security. Ruins and artifacts, damaged paintings and crumbling stone pillars remained- shadows of an ancient world, reflections of a forgotten faith. We neglected the lessons of history: “those who promise us paradise on earth, never produced anything but a hell.” In this distorted paradise, Delta is selected for a role that forces her to question her identity and throws into conflict the ideals of the individual and the collective. The struggle becomes epitomized in the face of one man- Lieutenant Braydan -a man whose loyalties cannot be questioned. Will the relationship destroy them both?