Chapter Study Questions

A warm welcome to teachers and students! The Study Questions in this blog, are designed for classroom discussions, study groups or book clubs.  If you have extra questions to add, please contact us.  We welcome all suggestions. Students - please note that all your comments are public.  Comments are moderated.  Let us know, if you'd like …

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Overcome your Writing Nemesis

Professional writers, university students, ESL students - regardless of their background - everyone struggles with writing at some stage.  These problems are often called 'writing blocks'. Sometimes they can be so daunting, they become a nemesis rather than a simple block.  They stop you every time you try to be creative, or enjoy the writing …

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Writing Nemesis Three – I can’t create believable characters!

I can't create believable characters - they seem to lack their own voice. Here's a practical exercise that can help you get started: Picture the last time you felt a strong emotion. Now write for 15 minutes about that experience. Don't correct your writing. Don't criticize yourself. Don't change words to make yourself sound smart, …

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