Writing Nemesis Two – I don’t know how to get started!

I’m terrible at managing my time. I don’t know how to get started and I don’t have a writing routine.

Time management and motivation are learned behaviors. There are many ways to build these habits.  Here’s something you can try:

Block off large spaces of time in your week, so you can re-center yourself and get into that creative space…

Sometimes you may feel unmotivated because you’re not approaching tasks within your peak productivity period.  You might study better in the early morning or evenings. You may find you need to be outside to focus, rather than in a traditional classroom or library.  You need to discover those spaces where you’re most creative and fit them into your schedule.

Set your own goals and priorities, rather than drawing strength from the expectations or support of your friends. 

This may sound counter-intuitive, but being internally motivated is much more effective, when trying to build writing into your daily schedule.

Comment and let us know how you structure your writing routine!


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